WALK IN DARKNESS Towards Chang’an is a new video from a forthcoming album (untitled) Walk in Darkness is a mysterious gothic-metal band that combines the dark melancholy of the gothic genre with aggressive melodic heavy metal. They have released four studio albums.
A faceless band but with the Italian singer Nicoletta Rosellini known for KALIDIA, ERINYES, Vivaldi metal Projects, and her solo performance where she sings cover songs from heavy metal, movies, and video games.

Album Release
In The Shadow of Things 2017
Welcome To The New World 2018
On The Road To Babylon 2020
Leaves Rolling inTime 2022

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Vocals: @NicolettaRosellini
Music and Lyrics by SHAMAN
Music video by SHAMAN
Actress and Dancer: SIJIA CHRISTINA CHEN

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