Shaman, slightly rotating his head to east, says:
“Of course, this is an imaginary context.
Controlled demolition of humanity. A world gagged and traumatized by daily panic scientifically planned and daily administered by the mainstream. In a succession of obligations and prohibitions, the twin towers do not cease to collapse and they drag reason, awareness and history down, in the last glow of day, while a new paradigm for humanity is being built on the ruins, no more culture, freedom and conscience but costant surveillance and a zootechnical transhumanism.
But, in the last glow of day, we are still human, with our dreams, and our fears, and our saddlebag full of mistakes, lies, truth, hate and love. Yes, one day, suddenly, maybe love will save us.
In this song Nicoletta’s voice comes elegant and imposing as a queen and rises as a sunbeam to illuminate the sky and then, from the sky, it crashes like wind and rain to shake declining and resigned humanity and to deliver a hope that we will listen to in silent amazement and admiration for the love she spreads, for the humanity she expresses, for the magic of the voice that extends like a siren’s infinite net, to capture anyone who is not deaf, simple travelers or expert sailors. Good luck to each of you.
The lyrics were written in collaboration with an eclectic artist from Kuala Lumpur,
Masayo Tottori Chan.
This esoteric, versatile and multi-media artist goes beyond poetry and writing, ranging in every field of art. WID are grateful to this artist and give her great respect and honor, not only for her potential, sensitivity and depth of soul, mostly for how she magically made every word of this poem true.
WID also thank the wonderful and superb dancers of Lyric Dance Company – Florence, directed by the great choreographer Alberto Canestro.
Photo by Shadowphoto.
‘The Last Glow of Day’, video and single, will be released for you on September 28th.
The Last Glow of Day