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About Us

The Band

Walk in Darkness


Walk in Darkness constantly evolves,  although it has originally  approached the gothic metal genre, it diverged from it to more original and unpredictable paths following the emotional and psychedelic component of music.
Faceless musicians, among distant and sometimes indefinite guitar arpeggios that blend with distorted and aggressive rhythms and screaming, melancholic and psychedelic solos, with a few notes pushed deep into the soul.  The Dark drums by ARCANUS, with suspended and looming shots, and a wiser use of synth and electronic sounds by ORGANUS (Tio Frank) to replace conventional keyboards, complete the band’s new sound.  WID’s songs have surreal atmospheres and they drag the listener to another dimension as in a psychedelic and schamanic journey through time, a dreamlike journey but only in appearance because the dream is lucid and plausible.


The narration makes use of conceptually structured lyrics; the thematic representation is apocalyptic and visionary, sometimes mysterious and premonitory.
The band looks at the world from the edge of the abyss.
The world of human beings is in rapid involution and progressively gets lost in the mists of time, to make way to a gray world without differences, a flat surface without directions, without heroes, dominated by technology, where human beings, deprived of foundations and identity, constantly monitored and directed, walk quickly under a dark and alien sky, hardly dragging themselves towards nowhere. In this drama there is no lack of glimpses of light and the hope of salvation.


Leader, Guitar

All compositions are the manifestation of the musical and communicative aesthetics of the mastermind and guitarist SHAMAN, mysterious visionary but endowed with an original and volcanic creativity. SHAMAN is unique in mixing lucid and cynical analysis of the world with powerful iconic communication, original musical solutions and deep, evocative poetry.


Nicoletta Rosellini


The magic of WID is enhanced by the talent of the front woman and vocalist, NICOLETTA. In fact, the wide range of tones of Nicoletta's vocal register gives the best expression to the articulated compositions of the WID. Her central tone is warm and evocative, while the lower ones are particularly suitable for dark interpretations with the ability of switching naturally between metal interpretations and sweet, melancholic, sensual and captivating ones. Nicoletta is one of those women who goes far beyond the technique, a true natural talent that the international scene absolutely needs.


Monkey Key


The athletic, charming and powerful bassist MONK KEY successfully collaborates on Shaman's creations.



Emiliano Pasquinelli

Growl Voice

Emiliano Pasquinelli, growl voice (former THUCHULCA member), particularly functional to the musical evolutions of WID to the point of becoming almost an actual member of the band. Emiliano has also been featured on our first two albums.


Moon WID

Moon WID


The band's mascot


Gulliver WID


The new band's mascot - First appearance in the video "Across The Oceans" released on October 19, 2023

2015/2023 - Walk in Darkness - P.IVA 02385960501