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  1. WALK IN DARKNESS - Last Siren (feat Nicoletta Rosellini) 6:02
  2. WALK IN DARKNESS - Chance in The Storm 4:49
  3. WALK IN DARKNESS - Eternal River Flow 4:37
  4. WALK IN DARKNESS - Carthage (feat Nicoletta Rosellini) 5:00
  5. WALK IN DARKNESS - Dance Of Time 4:35
  6. WALK IN DARKNESS -Alexandria feat Magdalena Lee and Nicoletta Rosellini 5:10
  7. WALK IN DARKNESS - Welcome to the New World 5:25
  8. WALK IN DARKNESS - A Way to the Stars 5:48
  9. WALK IN DARKNESS - Heavy Wings of Destiny (feat Emiliano Pasquinelli) 4:12
  10. WALK IN DARKNESS - Time To Rise 5:46
  11. WALK IN DARKNESS - Nothing 5:42

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WALK in DARKNESS: pubblicano il nuovo video“Walk Close To Me”

I Walk In Darkness sono la band più misteriosa ed affascinante della scena metal italiana. Il gruppo protagonista di una lunga serie di...

Walk Close To Me - video and song out on February 18th

Walk Close To Me – video and song out on February 18th

Beauty is just a fleeting ray of light that strikes the planet time by time and makes people kind for a moment. Walk...

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