Walk in Darkness

is a mysterious gothic-metal band that combines the dark melancholy of  the gothic genre with aggressive metal.

The lyrics are generally melodramatic, sombre, and inspired from epic themes.

Issues interpreted by ‘Walk in Darkness’ concern the universal man considered in a historical sense, undivided from his existential journey, particularly regarding the human condition, and mankind’s destiny.

The music of ‘Walk in Darkness’ is spontaneous and improvised, modern, ancient, and subsequently, ageless. Originating in the metaphysical spaces and arcane emotions, it progresses instinctively in intense musical frames and impressions, completely detached from ‘mainstream commerce’ to the point where ‘Walk In Darkness’ decided to remain incognito, proceeding in absolute anonymity. In fact, in darkness.

The musicians are therefore; faceless, representing the obscure side of man’s unknowable depths hidden in the daily physical space, perceptible only in the metaphysical dimension of the music.

The band is now working on a concept album.

Interview Walk in Darkness
Por: Andreia Vidal – Hintf Webzine

Thank you so much for your time answering our questions! How did the concept for this project begin? When did it actually start?

The project is quite recent, everything began in 2015 with the aim of applying new compositive methods in the gothic and metal genre. In a more general sense, it is a new kind of musical communication where we could actually offer an individual, atypical musical combination.

Who are the members of Walk in Darkness? How did you meet?

Our era is full of decadence where appearence matters most; therefore, every human being is forced to wear a mask. Even while showing their face, they are actually wearing a mask to hide their true feelings. Nowadays, almost no one can live without a mask; no one reveals their true self. Most of the time
the real person is invisible, their egoism hidden by its own mask.
So, mankind is an endless parade of false masks, faithful followers of appearance and rules.
For ‘Walk In Darkness’, the lack of a face is a simplification because it is a way to get rid of the mask, allowing one to consider all men alike because of their same fate.
The members of ‘Walk in Darkness’ met up and shared the project, but as individuals they can change because of musical requirements. All that remains the same is the musical style, alongside the philosophy behind the band.
Basically, the project doesn’t concern the musicians but the music itself.
In the end, ‘Walk in Darkness’ are not masked musicians, they have no need of a mask, because they don’t have a face!

How can you describe your sound?

We can insert our music in the gothic and metal genre because of the distorted textures which define the context, and the dark dramatic background. But, our music also has an epic shade by reason of the orchestral and symphonic elements suited to our lyrics, often based on heroic themes.
The melodic lines are strong and defined; at the same time they are delicate and perceptive thanks to the particular vocal ability of Nicoletta Rosellini (the voice of the band). She is also the face of the band, an element of connection with the world outside.

Does your music have a theme? From where do you get inspiration?

The lyrics of ‘Walk in Darkness’ are about the human being in a universal sense; the themes are sometimes about modernity, sometimes of an epical and mythological nature, but they always speak about consciousness, human condition, and its fate.
The lyrics are really important in our project because they are not only a message that compliments the music, but are also unified with the music in a unique emotional package.

How does the creative process work? Do you all give ideas and than test them in studio?

The songs are usually written starting from a guitar or key line before being developed in an atypical way. These elements are used by ‘Walk in Darkness’ in a visionary, instinctive and disordered manner to compose and record our music. We are not adhering to classical methods of writing and recording music; which brings us to the point where the percussion section is at the end of the process. This rhythmically observes the various phases of the musical story, adding more emotional force to the composition.

You are planning an album, do you have an idea when it will be released?

You can expect a release in the early months of 2017.

Finally we congratulate you for your music, wish you the best, and thank you for your time!
Would you like to leave some words to your Portuguese fans? Where can they listen to your music?

At present, some of our music and videos are available on our YouTube site. As soon as the complete album is registered, we’ll share all the information about this on our website and Facebook pages.
We’d like to invite all of our Portugese fans (and everyone who shares our philosophy) to keep following the band, because we still have a lot of surprises to reveal!
We will try to arrange a European tour, and we hope to come to Portugal. Our music is provocative, as are the group’s live performances.

Thanks for your attention!