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Lyrical Spell Magazine: Walk in Darkness – Welcome to the New World Welcome to the New World


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Walk in Darkness – Welcome to the New World




Released 17-02-2018


Exactly a year after they made their debut with the excellent “In the Shadows of Things”, mysterious and faceless gothic metal band Walk in Darkness are back with their sophomore effort, “Welcome to the New World”, independently released on February 17th. Once again the hooded band managed to create an ‘all killer, no filler’ album, where each song is as equally great as the next one.

Heavier than its predecessor, this album is more guitar driver, and listeners got a taste of this heaviness earlier this year when the band released “Welcome to the New World” as the first single. The track is quite catchy and easy to sing-along to the vocal lines, having a mid-tempo beat to it and a very interesting bass line. The first track of the album, “Crossing the final gate”, wastes no time in showing its sharp metal teeth. The song veers a bit into death metal territory as guest singer Emiliano Pasquinelli’s growls overlap with Nicoletta’s powerful vocals.


Crossing the final gate
Sailing far away
Welcome to the New World
I’m the loneliness
Persephone’s dance
Flame on flame
A way to the stars

I really loved his duet with Nicoletta on “Heavy wings of destiny”, but this time around, both of them took it to the next level, the song being more aggressive and more direct. “Sailing far away” is a ballad that sees Nicoletta singing in a softer manner. The vocal and guitar lines are wonderfully complemented by a layer of suave violin melodies and harmonies by Gabriele Boschi, making this song the polar opposite of the first track.

Continuing the tradition of talking about ancient cities, “Rome” is an up-tempo, guitar-driven track that presents the battles that had to be fought to protect this beautiful city from invading barbarians. This sense of battle is given by the very upfront drum pattern and bass line. “I am the Loneliness” is the second heaviest track on the album, again featuring more of Emiliano’s death growls (to my great delight) that complement and complete Nicoletta’s powerful delivery. “Flame on Flame” is another heavier, headbang-ish piece that showcases both the excellent instrumental side of the band and Nicoletta’s vocal prowess. The album does have its somehow softer moments and “Persephone’s Dance” is an interesting combination of fast-paced guitars and slower, ballad-like tempos. This song perfectly highlights what I like best about Walk in Darkness, namely their out-of-the-box, innovative way of writing music. The semi-ballad “A way to the stars” also fall in the category of ‘softer moments’, closing the album beautifully.

I still maintain the Nicoletta Rosellini’s voice is perfect for this band, as her darker timber fits so well with the gothic atmosphere of the songs. Also, she has got a really great and distinct voice, being crystal clear and powerful, yet also emotional and melodic, and her performance on this album is more than enough evidence of her vocal skill.

As for the album I will say this: if you liked “In the Shadows of Things”, you will definitely love “Welcome to the New World” as it’s heavy, aggressive, up-tempo, melodic, well-crafted and a very strong follow-up to their debut. I feel like the band lived up to its promised potential for greatness.

I give it a well-deserved 9.5 / 10.

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By Andrea


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