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Album review: Walk in Darkness – Welcome to the New World Welcome to the New World


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With a truly beautiful album cover done by Carlos Fides Italian Walk in Darkness just gave birth to a second full-length album. They baptized it Welcome to the New World and the date of birth is exactly one year after the first born In the Shadow of Things. On February 17th Welcome tot the New World was welcomed onto Earth by it’s five parents, four of them wish to stay unknown and they are fronted by Nicoletta Rosellini who’s also doing the vocal duties for Kalidia, also from Italy.

Welcome to the New World is a fantastic album with it’s gloomy romantic vibe. The band isn’t afraid to use some male growls to complement the sound. Nicoletta is on the forefront with her warm yet powerful voice but the male growls are a nice addition and gives a certain heaviness to some songs, listen to the openings track Crossing The Final Gate or I’m The Loneliness and you’ll know what I mean. More romantic in the ballad Sailing Far Away and more heavy on the track Rome.

Walk in Darkness managed to get a album out that has diversity in the songs and is a pleasure to listen to, it can function as background music or turn the volume up and sing along. Either way the songs will be nesting in your head. Fans of gothic metal have a new band to watch out for.

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